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WHIRL-Y-FAYRE 2019 is moving up!!
From a field at the top of the hill we gain unbridled views down the valley of Avalon toward the Tor silhouetted on the horizon. Here we bring you the seventh Whirl-y-Fayre perfect in formation with every element in place and future potential in the making.

Whirl-y-Fayre is a global dance event with humanity at heart, where people of all ages and places can make discoveries and share experience, where we can all be free!

We will be bringing you news of this year’s line-up over the coming weeks via Facebook prior to launching our Whirl-y-Fayre 2019 website.
Super Earlybird tickets are now available for £79 or secure your place with a £35 Deposit ticket.

"Whirl-y-Fayre is a place to feel free and connected, to each other and to the magic of life. It is an event difficult to describe and a moment impossible to miss."


“I had such a great time at Whirl-y-Fayre. Had a great dance too - the vibe was beautiful and the sounds & visuals exquisite, such a great feeling.”
(Nick Marshall)

“I have festivaled far and wide this year and this is without doubt the one for me - so much love, so much beauty, so much wisdom, so much raw talent and sooooooooo much fun!”
(David Main)

“I was beyond spangled this year. The fayre was incredible! A private party detached from reality. It is down to everyone who stayed there. What a truly beautiful group of people you are. Never before have I felt so relaxed and so loved."
(Giles Latchford)

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