Global Disco
Parlour Party
After Party

“Electronic dance music producer of Banco de Gaia, Medicine Drum and Prana, his solo work under the moniker 100th Monkey has been described as characterised by varied textures and grooves, and the most detailed, original production.”

“The music of Chinmaya Dunster, world music composer and sarod player, provides a foreground of Hindustani classical melodies and instrumentation, and is merged with a background of dance floor beats by Ben Fordham (Dubtouch) DJ and producer.”

Kangaroo Moon

“Creating music since 1987 that has been described as a collage of seemingly disparate styles and instrumentation, producing ambient global electronica and abstract dance. This is world music that doesn’t suggest any particular part of this world as it occupies a place very much its own."

“Extremely talented Drum ‘n’ Bass producer and respected DJ, Orange Ade weaves global sounds and fresh melodies into slick, euphoric bangers! His first hit remix of Deep Forest was featured on our Global Disco compilation and ever since, his sound has been a celebration of all things Whirl-y-Gig.”

“Hybrid electronic live band lead by notorious Samba Junglist DJ Hiphoppapotamus and accompanied by maestros of the saxophone, percussion and vocals. Using original productions as well as triggered sounds of the natural world, the Hippo designs a continuous high-octane global soundscape.”

"Multi genre electronic dance production presented as a live band with influences of swing and ska, funk, folk, filth, whilst wielding trumpet, flute, guitar, mandolin and a shit load of squelch!”

“Performing live dance music at parties, festivals and raves, Spacehopper create acid-tinged euphoric trance and up-beat dub. With two chart topping singles on Beatport, there is a forthcoming album expected on Magick Eye.”

“Legends of deep dub electronica since 1997 and all the way from New Zealand, Pitch Black build layered soundscapes cut with acid riffs and powered by thumping rhythmic grooves.!”

"Whirl-y-Gig favourites since the early nineties and one of the originators of the acid-house rave revolution, with a high energy concoction of techno and trance infused electronic wizardry, intoxicating live grooves, and well chilled moments of sheer sonic bliss.”


“The mighty Mandala makes quality psychedelic trance with an original organic twist, pushing the boundaries of experience with faith and relentless positivity.”

“With several chart topping tracks on Beatport, Pan Martinez is a hugely talented producer of ‘new old school’ Goa trance that is uplifting, melodic, full on party music, designed to get you dancing and make you smile.!”

“Composer, producer and remixer, Pete Ardron’s passion for classical, world and psychedelic music pervades all his work. Expect a specially written, produced and performed piece of parachute bliss with epic proportions.”

"Musical soul selector, Monkey Pilot weaves a vibrantand tuneful web throughout the weekend creating space and energy between the live performances. From midnight on Friday and Saturday nights he presents the fabulously exciting Whirl-y-Gig Global Disco where deep drum n bass meets tribal trance and everything in between on one ecstatic dance floor, culminating on Saturday night with the legendary Parachute Experience."

“Wow. No words can really do the festival justice. It was genuinely one of the most magical
performance experiences and best festivals of my life.”
(Spinney Lainey)


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