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"Hosting a platform for artists and performers of all ages and places"

“Mary the Faery with Louise D’Arcy and Robin Price sing beautiful incantations from the realm of Fae. Green is the path with the magic Rowan tree. Open the door and your dreams will set you free.”

“Blending classic Bossa Nova with a British accent; fusing the authentic grooves of Brazil with original song writing to create a uniquely timeless and mellow vibe you can dance to.”

“With beats from the brink of extinction cutting like a Stone Age laser and sailing the waves of punk rock and disco, the Tigers wrestle high seas, hurricanes and drum machines.”

“Nomade are an instrumental trio (guitar, bass and drums) playing a fusion of Afrobeat, reggae, dub, funk and a splash of Latin. The main concept of the band is built up around improvisation and the generation of a dancing mood, a quality sound.!”

“An eclectic mix of acoustic guitar riffs, soulful melodic vocals, and high energy power with influences as diverse as reggae, blues and rock.!”

“A psychedelic rainbow coloured keyboard player singing songs with passion and compassion about life, love, the universe and everything in between. Let the music touch your soul and have some fun!!”

“Five piece rock band producing hippy trippy dance music blasted into space by strong world, folk and electronica influences, ethereal vocals, entrancing flute and underpinned by captivating rhythm.”

"I walked among spirits and danced with fairies in the Vale of Avalon. I have never felt more of a
connection to Gaia than I did during this festival."
(Stephen Cox)

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